Vyzion Photography offers custom top notch industry level photography retouching services, that will give any picture a customized beautiful look. Retouching with Vyzion Photography does take time and



attention for every detail ,but worth the investment for all of our clients. Vyzion offers realistic retouching that is skillfully applied to take all pictures to a professional level of shine and polished look or any individual or for personal branding.

Vyzion Photography  specialists offer color correction and complex retouching to include custom artistic styling.






Advance Color Correction (includes cropping)

  • Exposure adjustment
  • Clarity and sharpening
  • Saturation and vibrance
  • Horizontal line straightening
  • Noise reduction
  • Cropping
  • Black and white point adjustment
  • White balance adjustment

Cropping & Straightening

Moderate Retouching

  • Blemish removal
  • Lens correction
  • Skin smoothing
  • Eye bag reduction
  • Stray hair removal
  • Teeth whitening
  • Small object removal
  • Eye enhancement
  • Light sky enhancement
  • Lens vignetting
  • Background Removal

Creative Effects

  • Adding Textures
  • Creative Vignettes
  • Muting tones
  • Creative Grain
  • Creative Sharpening to Accentuate Details
  • Dodging & Burning
  • Artistic Borders

Artistic Style

  • Artistic Black & White
  • Artistic Sepia
  • Faded
  • Cross Processing

Advanced Color Correction (includes cropping & straightening)

  • White balance adjustment
  • Exposure adjustment
  • Black and white point adjustment
  • Clarity and sharpening
  • Saturation and vibrance
  • Horizontal line straightening
  • Noise reduction
  • Cropping & Straightening

Extensive Retouching

  • Wrinkle removal on clothing
  • Removing facial wrinkles
  • Facial flare removal
  • Body contouring
  • Eye opening
  • Lazy eye correction
  • Eyeglass glare removal
  • Braces removal,
  • Background extension
  • Eyeglasses removal

Please feel free to contact us for any of the specialized  services . that  Vyzion Photography may help with any of your photography projects. Vyzion photography is located in Lincolnton, NC and services all of North and South Carolina for all personal and custom professional photography and editing needs.

Vyzion also offers digital photo videos. This is a great option to capture your best memories on a high definition video so that you can share on any social media platform like Facebook, Google Plus or Youtube. This is great for sharing on a mass scale with all of your family and friends.

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